Live version of The Cure’s ‘Plainsong’ performed at Adare Manor in Ireland for the wedding of Catherine and Tony Hawk on June 27, 2015.



(For S.W.)

Death is sad
Let us celebrate it with our fangs out
Here is a fifteen second video of my tear and
A back hand spring for my sorrow

And Death is sad
The cash and the claws go hand in cold hand
Here is a yellow crying face and a red broken heart
Cartoons from the jokers we are
Yellow is for cowards
Red is for blood

I loved Sammy
Stomping your faces on a west coast curb
With beating heart and rolling eyes
As the vultures of death peck at his scraps

Love is heavy
Dead weight floats in the shallow end
Like the Bay that needed but could not contain you
We’ve since learned to swim

It is true
A good man is hard to find
But the violent bare it away
Intentions only get us so far from
Dull blades when the knife is your friend

In a town like this
You won’t be forgotten
Like those tending to you now
For the cry of the fire engine carries new pain
And Echo Park is full of hot air

I want to thank you for the brotherhood
The imperfection of man
I knew where you stood
And I know where you stand
Hard in your ways
In the middle of the tracks

– 7/12/15