your silent face

Nick The Knife

Unreleased demo that Cody Votolato and I made in 2012.

Nick the Knife
Handy with the knife and the eyeliner
Nicky writes his name on a subway train
Tells me,
You were the best friend that I ever had
We’re tied of the modern world
Nicky likes to sleep through the working week
I tell him,
I’ll be the best man at all of your weddings
All my life I have loved everyone
But not everyone has loved me
Switchblade drawn upon my heart
All my life I gave to everyone
But all everyone ever gave me
Switchblade drawn upon my heart
The criminal intentional
Tears that can only drip so far
Oh yes, there are only two like me and you
Everyone’s in love with us
Everyone would love to bring us down
I will destroy them with all of my love
There were never many of us