Richard Brautigan / Wesley Eisold

We are proud to present to you Richard Brautigan’s Rommel Drives On Deep Into Egypt and the ten year anniversary hardcover edition of Wesley Eisold’s Deathbeds. Pre-orders are up now and the books are expected to arrive and ship in mid November.

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It is with great honor that we are re-releasing one of our favorite poetry collections by one of our biggest influences, the inimitable Richard Brautigan. Long out of print and first published in 1970, Rommel Drives On Deep into Egypt is a collection of eighty-five primitive poems full of the innovation, wit, style and anti-intellectualism that only Brautigan could achieve.

“Have You Ever Had a Witch Bloom like a Highway”
Have you ever had a witch bloom like a highway
on your mouth? and turn your breathing to her
fancy? like a little car with blue headlights
passing forever in a dream?

Robert Novak wrote in Dictionary of Literary Biography that “Brautigan is commonly seen as the bridge between the Beat Movement of the 1950s and the youth revolution of the 1960s.” A so-called guru of the sixties counterculture, Brautigan wrote of nature, life, and emotion; his unique imagination provided the unusual settings for his themes. Critics frequently compared his work to that of such writers as Thoreau, Hemingway, Barthelme, and Twain.” Richard Brautigan died in 1984 at age 49.


Wesley Eisold’s Deathbeds was first released in 2007, compiling the lyrical content of his work in renowned bands American Nightmare, Some Girls and the beginning of his current moniker, Cold Cave. Along with the tour journals, poems and prose of early fanzines, Deathbeds is the comprehensive work of an artist in their twenties trying to connect with the outside world. Deathbeds is the beauty that is the struggle of depression and growth that is rarely written down and documented coherently. Bursts of energy that needed to get out in order to see another day. These words came from a place of desperation but ended up inspiring others with how relatable not being able to relate is.

First published in 2007, a paperback edition of 1,000 copies sold out instantly. A second edition was published in 2011 and was also gone immediately. Now, 10 years later, it gets it’s first treatment as a hardcover, in a jet black linen silver foil stamped cover with a  black ribbon bookmark. The cornerstone of Heartworm Press. Edition of only 500.