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Better Red Than Dead

Deathbeds gets it’s second treatment as a hardcover, in a jet black linen red foil stamped cover with a red ribbon bookmark. Photos coming soon.

Deathbeds was released in 2007, compiling the lyrical content of Eisold’s work in renowned bands American Nightmare, Some Girls and the beginning of his current moniker, Cold Cave. Along with the tour journals, poems and prose of early fanzines, Deathbeds is the comprehensive work of an artist in their twenties trying to connect with the outside world. Deathbeds is the beauty that is the struggle of depression and growth that is rarely written down and documented coherently. Bursts of energy that needed to get out in order to see another day. These words came from a place of desperation but ended up inspiring others with how relatable not being able to relate is.

First published in 2007, a paperback edition of 1,000 copies sold out instantly. A second edition was published in 2012 and was also gone immediately. The first edition hardcover was released in November 2016 and also sold out immediately.

Heartworm # 69. Edition of 500.

***This is a PRE-ORDER and is expected to ship March 1.

Wesley Eisold – Deathbeds – 10 Year Anniversary – Second (Red) Edition Hardcover

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New books by Wesley Eisold and Max G. Morton



We are happy to announce the forthcoming releases by Wesley Eisold and Max G. Morton. These two new books are available to pre-order now. Both books are in editions of 500 copies and will not ship until Mid-February.
Signed and Unsigned versions can be found here:

Thieves Of Youth by Wesley Eisold

Thieves is the newest poetry collection by writer and musician Wesley Eisold. Los Angeles love poems for the spiritual existentialists. What are the bedside scrawlings of the modern muse chaser? Why Life and Death of course. In true dedication to this theme, Thieves falls perfectly in line with the lyrics of American Nightmare and Cold Cave though shows a glimpse of resolve. These poems are the reflections from late nights and early mornings before finding love in the war.

To be young is to believe in anything
To not be young is to not believe in anything
If tomorrow is a dream we cannot touch
Then today is the curse of the dreamer

48 page perfect bound book.
Designed by Random Embassy and printed by the Prolific Group.
Heartworm 71. Edition of 500.

The Devil’s Music by Max G Morton

The return of love and hate. These are the portals we find ourselves in during the struggle of finding balance. A spell to set the modern world on fire. Summoning old, new, borrowed and blue energies of the Apocalypse Junkyard, The Devil’s Music is for the heroes in black. A love letter dedicated to the Rock n Roll Outlaws and Indestructible Wolves of the underworld.
127 page perfect bound book containing 14 stories for the New Year. The journey begins with rebirth in a log cabin. Drenched and detoxing in southern woods to eventually end up decades later in Los Angeles, where another rebirth is long overdue. Along the way we encounter the usual outcasts who glow best under neon and smoke. Sometimes bad nights are needed to eventually find a good morning.
Max G. Morton is the acclaimed author of sought after cult books such as Indestructible Wolves Of The Apocalypse Junkyard, Looking ForThe Magic, and Crossroads.
Designed by Random Embassy and printed by the Prolific Group.
Heartworm 72. Edition of 500.



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