Black Wednesday

First a sincere thank you to all who came to see Cold Cave perform last month. There was an air of ecstasy in playing for you that I hadn’t felt in far too long. Everything is only getting better. I want to thank London, Cody, Hunter and Jessie for joining me and making it feel as so and allowing me to perform my songs as I had always hoped to. For now it is back to Los Angeles with a lot of work to do. ┬áRecords, books, us and the world.

The Cold Cave Store section is full of new and rare records from my archive. I’m letting old ones go to make way for new ones. Along with some Cold Cave merchandise leftover from tour there are two new Heartworm releases. This Life’s Behind Glass by Nikolay Saveliev and Bluem by Robert Lotzko. The Heartworm site is being rebuilt now so they are for sale here for now.

Lastly, for the past few years, anything for sale with my name on it has been handled by various third parties. As of now everything ordered through this site will be handled in-house. Thank you for your continued support.



Los Angeles


A Little Death To Laugh 7″

A Little Death To Laugh 7″
1) A Little Death to Laugh
2) Young Prisoner Dreams of Romance
3) Tristan Corbiere

All songs recorded written and performed by Wesley Eisold at home in Los Angeles CA in February 2012. Inspired by the late poet Tristan Corbiere.

Available here.